Jeetwin Bangladesh Responsible Gaming

Gambling shouldn’t get in the way of someone’s capacity to perform social, professional, or family obligations because it’s a recreational and amusement activity. Addiction to gambling can lead to risky, problematic, compulsive, or pathological behaviors. Pathological gambling addiction and other harmful gambling-related behaviors can have a devastating impact on a person’s family, finances, and/or other relationships.

Responsible gambling means choosing games of chance in a sensible way in order to prevent betting or gambling from becoming an addiction. Those who choose to partake in betting or other gambling activities must do so with knowledge in order to gamble responsibly. Giving people continuous control over how much time and money they want to spend is the aim of responsible gambling. 

Suggestions for Adhering to Responsible Gaming Procedures

We believe that in order to assist you manage your gaming leisure time and avoid negative behavior, it is imperative that you read the following advice:

  • Consider gambling to be merely a kind of amusement rather than a means of generating income or paying off debt.
  • Establish financial and time limits for your gaming, and when you hit them, stop.
  • Never use drugs or alcohol when you’re gambling.
  • Avoid gambling if you are depressed or attempting to kick an addiction.
  • If you think you could be prone to overbet, take the responsible gambling and gambling addiction prevention exam and put the necessary restrictions in place.

At Jeetwin, we strive to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and secure gaming environment you require to develop your gaming and betting in a way that enables you to practice responsible self-control.

Establish and uphold your deposit caps

At Jeetwin, we offer the tools to support you in controlling your gaming expenditures while adhering to the current legal limitations. In accordance with the relevant laws, you may establish your own daily, weekly, or monthly deposit restrictions and request modifications at any moment using the Deposit Restrictions section of your account.

You can choose the boundaries that are most appropriate for you by using this quick checklist as a guide:

  • Before you ever start gambling, ascertain what a tolerable loss is for your specific circumstances, both emotionally and financially.
  • Monitor the frequency of your gaming.
  • Monitor the amount of time you spend gambling.
  • Using the responses you obtained, decide how much you would like to be able to afford to spend every day, every week, or every month. In any event, Jeetwin will be notified of any requests to modify or eliminate any limits (whether they be the general ones outlined in the current regulations or ones that have been requested in the past).

Set a time limit

Jeetwin provides customers with the tools they require to set gaming limits and avoid developing an addiction to gambling. Thanks to the session timer in our gaming products, the player can always see how much time they have spent playing. When a player logs in, their most recent log-in time is displayed. If you have any questions or need help with how the timer operates, get in touch with customer service. If you think you gamble too much, you should consider informational and/or professional help seeking, as well as self-exclusion, responsible gaming, and tests to prevent gambling addiction. 

Control how much money you spend when playing games

Before starting any activity, you must clearly state how much money you are willing to take out of your gaming account and how long you are willing to spend throughout the session. 

If, in the sixty minutes that follow the end of the slot machine gaming session, you decide to start playing again, Jeetwin will warn you in advance about the advantages of responsible gaming behavior as well as the negative effects of playing too frequently from the standpoint of compulsive gaming.

Self-Exlusion Options

If you are concerned with how you have been acting during the gaming session, you can go straight to the menu and request a variety of techniques for self-exclusion. But remember, you are not permitted to have any outstanding balances or bets. In this case, you can’t ask to withdraw the remaining amount until the bets are settled. To use it, you have to log in, navigate to your panel, and select the self-exclusion option. The options for self-exclusion are as follows:

One (1) month, three (3) months, and six (6) months of self-exclusion are permitted.

Also, you might self-exclude for an indefinite period of time. We will block your account for the length of time you select from these self-exclusion count periods as soon as we get your notification. We will also halt any attempts by you to open new accounts during the exclusion period as soon as we learn about them. Moreover, Jeetwin will not be sending you any emails or promotional offers at this time.

Your request to set a temporary access limit will be carried out while the self-exclusion is irrevocable. You have to contact our Customer Service and specifically request that your account be reinstated after the chosen self-exclusion period.

If you are considering self-exclusion, don’t forget to seek it out from any gambling or betting company with which you have an open account. It’s also advisable that you consider installing software that blocks access to websites that offer online gaming. 

Test for Gambling Addiction

You can determine whether betting or gambling is worth the time and money you are spending on it by answering the questions below.

  • Have you ever faced criticism because of your gaming habits?
  • Have you ever made up a story to cover up how much money or time you bet?
  • Do arguments, annoyances, or general disappointments make you want to bet?
  • Do you use your vacation time for gambling linked to work?
  • Do you bet to get over a bad moment or to pass the time when your life is boring?
  • Do you feel bad using your “gaming money” for non-gaming purposes?
  • Has gambling reduced your interest in friends, family, or hobbies?
  • Are you tempted to get even as soon as possible when you lose?
  • Do you feel angry, hopeless, and compelled to bet once more after losing all of your money in the game?
  • Do you continue to bet till you are broke?
  • Have you ever used money that you stole, borrowed, or persuaded to pay expenses or support your gambling habit?
  • Do you experience hopelessness or anxiety as a result of your addiction to gambling?

If the answer is “yes” to two or more of the previous questions, we advise that you speak with a psychologist about your circumstances and take some helpful action.

Limitations applicable to minors

It is forbidden for minors under the age of eighteen to place bets or take part in games of chance. Consequently, Jeetwin might request identity from its users. In the event that it is believed that someone under the age of eighteen is gambling or betting, the account and its money will be blocked until the user’s true age and identity are established.

Alerts and parental supervision

We would be grateful if you could help us block minors from accessing our website. In light of this, we provide you with the following guidance:

  • Never let children unsupervised near your computer when using gambling software.
  • To protect access to your gaming program, use a password.
  • Whether it is free or not, you should never allow someone under the age of eighteen to bet.
  • Discuss with your children the potential dangers and legal ramifications of underage gaming.
  • Keep children away from your region so they can’t access gambling websites like ours by using kid safety software. For this reason, we suggest downloading free child safety software.