Jeetwin Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using any JeetWin services. These terms and conditions apply to all users or clients (“you”) who have accounts on the JeetWin website.

JeetWin reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, as well as any related materials. Any modifications to the terms and conditions will be communicated to you in advance, and you may need to confirm your acceptance again before the changes take effect. Should the modifications be insignificant, prior notification might not be necessary.

Customers should only use [email protected] to communicate with JeetWin about their registered email address (also referred to as the “Registered Email Address”).

1. Your Rights

You agree, by using the Service, to:

  • If you are over the age of eighteen (18) or over the age of majority as defined by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction.
  • Before accessing this website, you are responsible for confirming that you are in a location where it is allowed to use the service to place bets (if in doubt, consult an attorney). It is your responsibility to verify whether using the service is allowed by law.
  • If, for instance, you are the authorized user of the credit/debit card or other payment method you use, you have the right to make payments to JeetWin.
  • You guarantee not to place yourself in any situation where there is an actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest by using the Services and/or placing bets.
  • You are not operating for a third party or for financial gain; rather, you are only acting in your unique role as a private citizen.
  • You will be solely responsible for any losses incurred if you place bets in accordance with these guidelines.
  • The service may only be used for legitimate betting. You are not allowed to dishonestly influence any market or part of it, nor to take any other action that might jeopardize the service’s integrity.
  • Payments have to be made honestly. It is strictly forbidden for you to reverse any payments you have previously made or to take any action that could enable a third party to reverse such a payment.
  • Additionally, you must always act honorably toward us and the service.

2. Registration

You agree, by using our Service, that:

  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without being required to give a reason, to refuse registration to any applicant in order to preserve the integrity of the service.
  • You must register and accept these conditions in order to use the service. It might be necessary for you to furnish valid identification or additional paperwork in order to complete KYC (“know your customer”) requirements.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, a picture ID (copy of a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card) and a recent utility bill with your name and address recorded as the minimum level of proof of residency. Any account may be restricted or terminated until we get the required information. According to applicable anti-money laundering laws and gaming regulations, this procedure is required by law. In addition, in order to access your JeetWin Account, you must use the payment methods listed on our payment page.
  • To maintain accuracy and completeness, you must provide accurate and thorough information. It is the customer’s obligation to maintain the security and activation of their email address. The policy does not cover any losses or damages that arise from correspondence between the customer and JeetWin via the registered email address. If you provide inaccurate or misleading personal information, you risk having your account immediately suspended and/or facing legal repercussions.
  • With the service, you can only register one Account. In the event that several accounts are found, they will be closed immediately. This includes using family members, friends, associates, affiliates, and/or third parties to act on your behalf.
  • Passwords must be kept confidential. Passwords need to be kept secret at all times and changed often. Each time you use a session, you must log out.
  • Send an immediate email using the email address you used to register to in the unlikely event that your account information is stolen or abused. Your account will be temporarily suspended, and further information or verification may be required to verify your identity. You are responsible for any activity that takes place in your account, regardless of whether you granted the third party access.
  • The currency you choose when registering will be used for account management. All bets placed and matched inside the service, as well as all deposits and withdrawals, will be made using this currency. Not all payment methods support payments in all currencies. The website will display the processing currency along with a conversion calculator.
  • Please understand that we are not obligated to open an account for you. We are not obligated to give an explanation for our decision if we decide not to open an account for you. We have total discretion over this matter. To meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we can contact you to request further details and/or supporting evidence.

3. Restricted Use

The service is not available to anyone who is younger than 18 (or under the age of majority as defined by your country) or who is not legally competent to enter into a binding legal agreement.

It is not possible to buy a member account from a third party, nor can you sell or give your account to someone else. Any type of financial transfer between member accounts is prohibited.

We reserve the right to instantly terminate your account and send you written notice if you use the service for illicit purposes. Depending on the specifics, we could even be able to sue you for doing so.

Please be advised that live casino, poker, bingo, and other games are not available in all countries. Afghanistan; Australia; Denmark; Estonia; Ethiopia; France and its territories; Hong Kong; Iran; Iraq; Italy; Jordan; Kuwait; North Korea; Pakistan; Philippines; Cambodia; Spain; Syria; Turkey; United States; or Yemen are among the countries that are not included.

4. Your Account

  • A visitor must register for an account on JeetWin and provide accurate information.
  • If we have additional valid reasons, we reserve the right to close or suspend an Account and refund any money that was withheld in order to preserve the honesty or equity of the Service. 
  • Should an account be inadvertently suspended, full reimbursement will be granted. However, mature contracts shall be respected.
  • In compliance with our betting limitations and/or system requirements, we reserve the right to reject, limit, cancel, and/or restrict any wager for any reason. Your bets may be canceled or rendered void if you don’t abide by these rules.
  • If any money is unintentionally credited to your account, you will be notified and the money will be immediately removed. You will be responsible for paying us the overdraft amount if your account is overdrawn for any reason.
  • Customers may only be able to wager a certain amount and lose it. Requests for removal or adjustment of limitations must be made following a seven-day cooling-off period. Send such a request to using your registered email address. 
  • Your account cannot be pledged, sold, or transferred to another individual. It is forbidden to transfer any kind of value, including accounts, profits, deposits, bets, or any other rights associated with these assets. 

5. Deposits and Withdrawals

  • You can fund your account using any of the methods specified on our website. Any foreign currency deposits will be converted to the account currency using the daily exchange rate.
  • There may be fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, further specified on our website.
  • You can take a partial or full withdrawal from your account balance within the specified transaction limitations.
  • Withdrawals will be made using the bank account linked to your JeetWin account. We have the right to request identify verification documentation before approving any withdrawals from your account. Furthermore, we retain the right to request this documentation at any time.
  • JeetWin is not a banking institution; instead, a third-party payment provider handles the deposit and withdrawal processes.
  • To avoid an obligation that has been properly incurred, you must make all payments to us in good faith and refrain from doing anything that could cause a third party to reverse any payments that you have made. We shall be reimbursed for any losses we suffer and for charge-backs, rejections, or reversals of your payments. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee in the event that payment is declined, reversed, or charged back.
  • As long as you are aware of them and their terms don’t conflict with these, you consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of any merchant banks and/or third-party electronic payment processors that we may use to process payments on your behalf.
  • Every transaction completed on our website could be investigated for indications of terrorist financing or money laundering. Suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities, depending on which jurisdiction is handling the transaction.

6. Errors

  • All bets are worthless in the event of an error or malfunction. Any error pertaining to the services must be notified immediately.
  • In the event that the system malfunctions or disconnects, all wagers are lost. This error (also known as the “Casino Error”), along with any system failure or gaming fault, may have an impact on the odds calculations, fees, bonuses, payouts, and currency conversion errors. We reserve the right to cancel any wagers or bets and deduct any related money from your account.
  • JeetWin has the right to take back money or make changes to your account to correct any mistakes or overpayments.
  • In the case that an error has occurred, JeetWin reserves the right to reduce, cancel, or erase any pending plays—regardless of whether money was spent on their creation.

7. Notification and Communication

Please send any letters or notifications to that you are required to send to us under these terms.

Under these terms, any emails and other correspondence from us to you will be sent to the registered email address that we have on file for the relevant customer or will be posted on the website. We will have complete discretion over any such correspondence.

All notices and communications under these terms, when the service is not operated by JeetWin, must be sent in writing in the English language to the registered email address associated with your account.

8. Matters Not Under Our Control

We are not responsible for any failure or delay in providing the service resulting from Force Majeure, even if we have taken the necessary safeguards. An event like a power outage, a natural disaster, a government agency’s inaction or failure, an obstruction to or outage of telecommunications services, or any other type of delay or malfunction. We reserve the right, under such circumstances, to stop providing the Service or to suspend it altogether without liability.

9. Liability

If JeetWin is deemed liable for anything under these terms, its total aggregate responsibility cannot exceed the whole amount of bets and/or wagers you placed with your account concerning the specific bet, wagerer, or product that gave rise to the release obligation.

10. Fraud

Customers that commit fraud, dishonesty, or other crimes will be subject to legal action. If any of these are suspected, we reserve the right to take money out of your payment. You shall bear all costs, charges, and losses (including lost profits, lost income, or damaged reputation) if you engage in fraud, dishonesty, or other criminal behavior.

11. Intellectual Property

 Unauthorized use of Jeetwin trademarks and logos may lead to legal action.

Regarding our collaboration, we have control over the Service, our technology, software, and business procedures (collectively, the “Systems”), as well as our odds. Your nickname may also be revoked or changed if it is thought to be inappropriate.

You are not permitted to use our URL, trade names, trademarks, logos, or odds (collectively, the “Marks”) in any way that could mislead customers or the public or reflect a negative image of us.

In addition, we and our licensors hereby retain all rights, licenses, titles, and interests in and to the Systems and the Marks, unless otherwise specified in these Terms. Watching or copying any website or anything from the Service is prohibited. Unauthorized use or replication may result in legal action.

12. Your License

You may not modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, reproduce, upload, post, distribute, perform, display, create derivative works from, or in any other way exploit the service and/or any of the content or software on it, unless specifically permitted by these terms or by other policies on the website. 

Any information or material on the service or made available to you in connection with it may not be altered, edited, combined with other data, published, or used in any other way. This covers screen and database scraping, among other things.

In addition to infringing upon our or third parties’ proprietary rights and intellectual property, breaching this provision could result in criminal or civil penalties.

The Service may contain links that lead to unmanaged third-party websites. We merely provide these links to clients for convenience; we don’t monitor, check, or validate their accuracy. The linked websites and their content are not endorsed by us, nor are we associated with them in any way. It is not our obligation to ensure their correctness, completeness, accessibility, availability, or usefulness. Therefore, we suggest that you review the privacy and terms of use policies on these websites.

14. Self-Exclusion

Consider self-exclusion if you think you may develop a gambling problem in the future or if you already have one. It prohibits you from using JeetWin for gambling for a duration of one, two, five, or six months. You can also use Time-Out or Account Closure if you decide to stop playing.

What is the result of excluding oneself?

When you self-exclude, you can still check in and withdraw any remaining funds, but you are not allowed to bet on your account. You can immediately identify and close any newly established accounts you create with JeetWin.

Notification of Self-Exclusion

You can close your account or self-exclude at The self-exclusion procedure will be assisted by the customer support representative.